Photos: Courtesy of Christian Vit


Christian Vit

Charlotta Poppius / July 10, 2019

Christian Vit knows a thing or two about events. The Italian actor can be found at an opening of London’s latest art gallery, a fashion week party or at a charity gala supporting a cause he believes in. Vit doesn’t just look like a character in Games of Thrones, he actually played a role in the series which launched his career in the UK and now has a recurring role on the popular BBC drama Holby City.

How do you choose what to go to and what to avoid?

I really enjoy attending charity events, awards ceremonies and art openings. These types of events definitely trigger my curiosity. In the unfortunate circumstance that my experience of an event is negative — I don’t give it much room for improvement the year after (laughs), in which case I will not be RSVP’ing a second time.

How long does it take you to get ready?

I can be tuxed and groomed in 20 minutes.

What is your arrival strategy?

I usually arrive 15 minutes after the start time — I try and avoid being ‘the opener’. However, I tend not to arrive too late either, as this is impolite toward the host and organisers.

What is your drink of choice?

I like champagne (not prosecco!) — the quality of bubbles is a good way to tell exactly which calibre of event you have found yourself at.

Where do you stand on event food?

Hey — I’m Italian, so I always keep a lookout for the waiters (laughs).

Do you dance or do you decline?

I dance if the vibe or ambiance lends itself to it. I personally like it best if there is a sit-down dinner which transforms into a full-on party.

What is the best event you’ve ever been to?

The V&A Summer Party was definitely one the best.

What are your favourite venues?

I like it when events are held either at a museum or a historical heritage site.

What is the ultimate no-no for a VIP?

Losing control (due to alcohol) and becoming a pest. Being loud and obnoxious is not a wise choice when running in relatively small circles.

What is your departure strategy?

As soon as I sense that the vibe is slowing down, I take that as my cue to thank my hosts and leave.

Where do you stand on social media?

I am present on social media, however I do not overshare and I keep it discreet.

What are the best cities for a party?

From my experience — Rome, Paris, London, LA and New York are some of the best places for memorable events and parties.

Who is your favourite host?

Anyone who is able to keep the event alive and interesting. I really enjoy it when a host is able keep you laughing and engaged and when they add something a little extra to the event with their personality.

What makes a great event?

The combination of multiple things — the venue, the host and the guest list oiled by the quality of drinks. And of course the food!