Fashion Photographer

Alistair Guy

Charlotta Poppius / June 27, 2019

A true English gentleman, Alistair Guy is as friendly as he is incredibly stylish. A regular fixture on the London event circuit, Guy started out as a fashion photographer, contributing to some of the world’s most notable fashion magazines, including British Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar UK and i-D. In addition to his celebrated photography, he has become a British style icon and brand ambassador for brands like Longines, Hunter and Aspinal of London.

How do you choose what to go to and what to avoid?

Its usually a combination of how suitable the event is for me and who’s involved organising and sponsoring it.

How long does it take you to get ready?

About 45 mins absolute max!

Any insider secrets on what to wear?

Always dress smarter than you think as the other way round can be embarassing.

What is your arrival strategy?

Meet the PR and make contact with the photographer.

What is your drink of choice?

Usually a soft drink or maybe one if there it is an alcohol event, I’m there to network not get drunk.

Where do you stand on event food?

I believe its rude not to eat something or at least try the food provided.

Do you dance or do you decline?

I’m no dancer but I do enjoy swinging to the beat!

What is the best event you’ve ever been to?

The Canali’s event for the menswear trade show Pitti L’Uomo in Florence where they fully dressed me head to toe.

What is the one annual invitation you can’t wait for?

The Royal Ascot with the principle sponsor Longines. That’s always a spectacular experience.

What are your favourite kinds of events?

Menswear fashion or magazine events.

What are your favourite venues?

The grander the better.

Where do you stand on social media?

I enjoy gently posting about events on my Instagram story feed.

What do you always take to a party?

Phone, wallet and keys.

What are the best cities for a party?

London for me.

What makes a great event?

The people and the wider demographic the better as seeing the same people all the time can be tiresome!